Louise is a former Nurse and Midwife whose pottery journey began with a friend, Anne Richards, and a bucket list which included ‘make a piece of pottery’ - one short course later and they were hooked. They carried on learning and developing their skills, spending as much time as possible at a wheel before taking the first step towards independence and buying a second-hand wheel and small kiln. Initially the wheel was at Louise’s and the kiln at Anne’s but as they progressed and acquired two more reliable wheels and a much bigger kiln, production was transferred entirely to a studio in Anne’s garden and Harbour Pots was born.

The outbreak of Covid meant that Louise could no longer work in the garden studio so moved her wheel to her own home, much to the joy of her family! This period has also highlighted their different styles and techniques so, although they will still work very closely together, they will be working from separate studios. Harbour Pots will continue to trade as a small collective at Greenwich Market and other venues.

Anne's porcelain can be viewed at